Name: Rya Hutchison

Age: Session 1: 19 Session 2: 21

Birth Country: England

Rebel Member, 12th to join the group

Rya came from the same village as Tanza and Tristen. Being Tanza's former girlfriend, Rya had no one else to look up to exept Tristen after they had escaped the burning wreckage of Rothwell Village. Settling down in a cave, Tristen and Rya became roadside bandits, looting anyone that came by. Including Tanza (Accidently). Tanza was returning from a small skirmish when he happened to pass by the cave. Tristen smashed Tanza over the head with a club, only to find out that he had hit his friend. Upon awakening, Tanza was suprised to find himself staring into the face of Rya, who was looking down at him worriedly. After some awkward hugs, Tanza invited both Rya and Tristen to join the group. They accepted. Rya hated immediately hated another rebel member, Kaeli, the moment she walked into the rebel camp because of her non-stop harassment on Tanza. That started some hard feelings between Kaeli and Rya.

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