Name: Nisho Spicer

Age: Session 1: 23 Session 2: 25

Birth Country: England

Rebel Heavy Swordsman, the 3rd Rebel to Join

Nisho was orphaned at the age of 15. Hungry, thirsty, and lost, Nisho stumbled upon the house of an old knight. The knight let Nisho into his house and gave him a room to sleep in, a meal to eat, and water to drink. When Nisho told the knight that his parents had been killed by some rouge knights (Knights of Darkness in their first years), the knight adopted Nisho as a son. Nisho lived with the knight as an apprentice until he was 20, when the knight had a heart attack and died. Having no where else to go, Nisho gathered up the knight's weapons and armor and headed out into the forest, in search of a new life. He found it. Nisho met Kumoi and Tanza, who gladly accepted him as the groups third member.

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