Name: Kumoi Prevost

Age: Session 1: 24 Session 2: 26

Birth Country: England

Leader of the Rebles, Former Prince

Kumoi was only 21 when the Knights invaded. Seeing this opertunity to please his father, Kumoi led the kingdoms best fighters against the Knight's main battle force. The Knights, however, took this as a chance to flank Kumoi's unit and smash through the unguarded rear. Taking the castle, the Knights then set out to destroy Kumoi's small unit. Surrounded, Kumoi's men fled, leaving the prince alone. The Knights took Kumoi as a prisoner. However, knowing the castle better then the Knights, Kumoi was able to escape from the dungeon and flee into the neighboring forest, where he met Tanza. Together they started a small group of rebels and attacked small Knight outposts.

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